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shecanTRACE is a Parkour Generations initiative to raise awareness about the vibrant, active female parkour and movement community.

Fear of judgement or of failure can stop many women from taking part confidently in physical activities, fitness and movement training – but the powerful female parkour community shows that this doesn’t have to be the case.

The initiative aims to inspire more women to get moving and explore their potential, and to shine a light on the existing strong, dedicated female parkour community.

OUR GOALS // shecanTRACE has tangible goals which include the support and development of women in movement everywhere, the training of many more female parkour coaches and professional performers, the expansion of the global network for the many female communities across the world and the maintaining of an open, welcoming forum for women of all backgrounds, abilities and experience to share their knowledge, ideas and lifestyles.

(Y)OUR COMMUNITY // shecanTRACE is a community made up of women of all ages, of all backgrounds, of all abilities, of all strengths and of all perspectives who work together to support, embolden and inspire others around the world. Our coaches have taught, trained and run seminars internationally and our annual Women’s International Parkour Weekend in London is the centrepiece gathering for the women’s international community every year. We continue to grow from strength to strength and reach out to more women everyday.

(Y)OUR MOVEMENT // The benefits of regular movement cross into all aspects of a practitioner’s life, helping to develop confidence, inner calm, self-esteem and a sharp mind as well as bringing the obvious physical benefits of fitness, mobility, strength and overall long-lasting health.

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