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We create both indoor and outdoor spaces in collaboration with schools, developers, architects, city planers and entrepreneurs for public and private use.

INDOOR PARKOUR AND MOVEMENT SPACES // Thinking of creating your very own parkour gym? We offer a range of services from initial business planning, fundraising, initial concept designs through to the full build and the launch event of your facility. Having created bespoke Parkour training facilities in London, Brooklyn and Beijing we have refined our methods to produce exciting and uniquely engaging training facilities to suit a range of budgets and locations.

FACILITIES FOR SCHOOLS AND SPORTS CLUBS // Improve the dynamic power and focus of your team with specialised training equipment and coaching. We cater for all movement sports and club venues offering portable modular gear and bespoke fixed training spaces taking your team to the next level.

OUTDOOR PARKOUR AND MOVEMENT SPACES // With our extensive experience in developing the discipline of parkour from the early years we have become the go-to specialists when it comes to creating outdoor parkour parks across the UK and Europe. We work closely with councils, local residents and user groups to create safe, functional and aesthetic public parkour parks for all.

DESIGN FOR DEVELOPERS, CITY PLANNERS AND LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS // We work with large scale residential developers, Landscape Architects and councils to provide unique play and training spaces for residents. Whether it’s a private interior space or a public exterior environment we create innovative, one of a kind spaces that meet the needs of your clients and contribute to the innovation of your unique project.