The London Chainstore Massacre Looms!

The London Chainstore Massacre Looms!

Love testing yourself against impossible adversity..? Then the London Chainstore Massacre is where you need to be this Halloween!

The ultimate survival event, the Massacre is a one day trial by fire like no other held at London’s iconic Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy. It’s a test of your adaptive fitness, strength, mobility and resilience – and your sheer will! The rules are very simple. You begin with three lives, and our Massacre Team will put you through a series of challenges throughout the day. Fail to complete each challenge and you lose a life. If all your lives are gone you cannot proceed to the Boss Rounds at the end of the day to strive for ultimate glory and the coveted Survivor Prize, which only 15 people in the 4 year history of the event have achieved…

The Massacre this year happens on Sunday 28th October and is immediately followed by the Chainstore Gym Halloween Jam, open to all Academy Members and event participants – whether you survive or not!


Date: Sunday 28 October

Time: 9am-6pm

Venue: Chainstore Gym, E14 0JY