Corrective Exercise Lab: June 9-10, London

Corrective Exercise Lab: June 9-10, London

We’re always looking to integrate the best movement science and knowledge into our community, with our London Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy serving as London’s House of Movement, hosting seminars and specialist workshops with guest teachers from all over the world.ย 

The next Seminar happens this weekend, June 9-10, with movement and corrective specialist Brent Brookbush of Brookbush Institute flying in from the USA to run his 2-day Corrective Exercise Lab.


‘This course is recommended for any human movement professional looking to improve their skills and knowledge of corrective/therapeutic exercise.ย We will cover more than 100 self-administered techniques,ย designed to address the most common movement impairments.ย This may be the most important workshop you take as a professional;ย regardless of whether your treat/train in a fitness setting, rehab setting or performance setting. There is no greater obstacle to reaching movement-based goals than overcoming the aches, pains and malalignments that every individual experiences โ€“ and the most important techniques in your repertoire are the techniques patients/clients can perform on themselves. This is a very interactive lecture, with plenty of time given to compare techniques, discuss common practices, case studies, answer questions and refine execution.

Day 1: Mobility

  • Assessment
  • Analysis of Dysfunction
  • Introduction of Brookbush Institute Templates
  • Static and Dynamic Release
  • Joint Mobilizations
  • Static and Active Stretching
  • Case Study

Day 2: Activation and Integration

  • Isolated and Reactive Activation
  • Core Integration
  • Stability Integration
  • Subsystem Integration
  • Activation Circuits
  • Case Study

Brent is a world leader in the field and we’re looking forward to having his knowledge and experience brought to London for the first time! Check it out at the link above, and keep an eye out for more guest expert seminars this summer including Dr Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain, Martin Petrus of Wim Hof Method and Ido Portal’s Corset Workshop.ย