Class cancellation

Class cancellation

Unfortunately, our Friday evening Experienced parkour class is cancelled tomorrow (December 4th).

It will be back on as usual next week at Archway at its usual time of 7:00pm.

We still have plenty of other classes to choose from this Friday, however – our All Abilities class is on at Chainstore at 7:30pm, after Parkour Elements: Swinging and Climbing and Strength for Movement, both at 6:30pm.

Bulletproofing for Parkour, the Jekyll System’s brand new class, will also be running at 5:00pm – this class is all about conditioning the body to avoid injury and increase resilience, making sure you are able to train for years to come.

Finally, the last Night Mission of 2015 will be starting at 9:00pm. With an entire night of parkour training across the city, that should be enough for anyone!