Contestants… READY!

Contestants… READY!

This Sunday is the last in April. You know what that means –ย it’s time for the Chainstore Challenge!

From 5:00pm on the last Sunday of every month, we offer a challenge to anyone willing toย step up. It could be about strength or technical ability, a solo effort or a group task. This month will beย a surprise. No forewarning – be ready for anything!

Challenge time will last until around 7:00pm, and thenย it’s free training, hangout and play time with the team until around 9:00pm.

There’s no need to book in advance, and there’s no extra cost beyond general Chainstore entry – in fact,ย you might end up earningย Massacre entry andย a month’s membership absolutely free!

This is a chance for those with a stamp card to earn yet another. If you haven’t already taken part in a challenge, make sure you ask for a card –ย challengers receive a stamp every timeย theyย participate. Nine stamps earnsย free entry to the legendary Chainstore Massacre, andย 12 (including one from the Massacre itself, which will replace that month’s challenge) earnsย one month’s Basic membership, worth ยฃ90,ย for free.

Keep up to date via Facebook, and prepare yourselves for glory!