Chainstore hours – Monday 25th July

Chainstore hours – Monday 25th July

The Chainstore will be closed this Monday morning for a Make A Wish booking. We’ll be open as normal from 1:00pm for drop-in training, so feel free to come along in the afternoon.

Our Monday classes will be completely unaffected. Come on down at 6:30pm for Parkour Elements: Passing Obstacles with the extremely tall and highly skilled Chris K, followed by the All Abilities Parkour Class at 7:30.

Up North in Archway, Kevin will be leading the Parkour Elements: Applied Class. This month’s focus is Technical Movement. If this sounds like something you’d like to work on, get to Archway Station by 7:00pm for an intensive two hour session.

Last but not least, Shirley will be leading the Local Motion Beginners’ Parkour Class over in Wandsworth. Geared towards those newer to parkour, this session is held in Local Motion studios at starts at 7:00pm.

Have a great week of training, and don’t forget to keep up with our class schedule on Teamup.


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