Chainstore Gym Movement Seminars Spring Series

Chainstore Gym Movement Seminars Spring Series

The Chainstore Gym brings you the Movement Workshops Spring Series! A series of six intensive seminars on different aspects of movement and parkour training run by world-leading expert instructors.

The seminars in this series are:

March 18th – the Art of Rolling

April 14th – Strength Development for Movement

April 29th – Using the Force: Plyometrics

May 13th – ย Peripheral Vision & Muscle Memory

May 27th – Groundwork: Quadrupedal and Low Gait Mastery

June 17 – Cheating Death: Injury Fixes for Dummies

The seminars all happen on Saturday afternoons between now and June at Londonโ€™s Chainstore Gym, 3-6pm. Spaces are very limited so booking ahead is a must.

Head over to the Event Page now for info and booking links.