Chainstore Challenge: the Call to Arms

Chainstore Challenge: the Call to Arms

This Sunday is the last in the month, andĀ once again, the bravest among us will be assembling at the Chainstore to take the challenge.

From 5:00pm on the last Sunday of every month, we offer a challenge to anyone willing to have a go. It could be about strength or about fear. You may face it aloneĀ or as a team. Shirley will be the taskmaster for May – and who knows what she might have in store?

The challenge will continue until around 7:00pm. After that, you are free to train, hangout and play Ā until around 9:00pm – if you can keep going!Ā There’s no need to book in advance, and there’s no extra cost beyond general Chainstore entry.

Face enough challenges and you will be rewarded. ParticipantsĀ will receive a stamp card, which will be stampedĀ each time theyĀ participate. Nine stamps earnsĀ free entry to the legendary Chainstore Massacre, andĀ 12 (including one from the Massacre itself, which will replace that month’s challenge) earnsĀ one month’s Basic membership, worth Ā£90,Ā for free.

Keep up to date via Facebook, and get ready for a Sunday of struggle and (hopefully) glory.