Bulletproof Your Knees: London Workshop

Bulletproof Your Knees: London Workshop

Kevlar Knees: Strengthening, Shielding and Healing

The largest joint in the body and one of the most critical for movers and athletes of all disciplines, your knees do a huge amount of work and take a great deal of strain throughout your life. Overuse, misuse and simple lack of care can lead to a wide variety of problems that can restrict your movement and reduce your quality of life. Yet the solutions presented are often one-dimensional, repetitive and linear. The human body is not a mechanical thing and should not be treated as such.

Parkour practitioners regularly manage significant force through their knees, taking impacts from drops, jumps and explosive movements across multiple planes and directions. This variety and variability of loading is actually a key component of developing strong, resilient, healthy joints. Healthy movement is always the best medicine.

This workshop with PKGen founder and elite athlete and international coach Dan Edwardes is designed for movers, runners, athletes, sportspeople or anyone interested in protecting, repairing or building bulletproof knees using the methods of natural movement and following the principles of biotensegrity.

Workshop Contents:

The knee in context
Non-linear joint mobility
Loaded flexibility
Dynamic elasticity
Locomotion patterns
Forging your armour
Impact absorption and dispersal
Joint care and maintenance

You’ll leave with a new understanding of your body and multiple practical drills, methods and applications to repair, improve and strengthen your knees, making your movement lighter, easier and longer-lasting.