Breaking the Jump with Julie Angel

Breaking the Jump with Julie Angel

Breaking the Jump,” the new book by Julie Angel, tells the unknown story behind Parkour’s rise and asks what is it that drives those who stand on the edge and think ‘go’.

From its humble origins in the backstreets and rooftops of Paris’s urban jungle to the tops of London and New York’s skyscrapers, parkour has become an adrenaline-fueled implosion on the urban landscape. But more than a sport that most jaw-dropped onlookers can hardly comprehend, parkour is an exploration of movement and a return to our body’s natural ability to run, jump, hang and move with fluidity.

For the first time, Julie Angel tells the story of parkour’s beginnings – the nine youths from Paris’s ghettoes who reached for the rooftops and hung off stairwells and drainpipes as they trained through the night, often risking their lives to create something that has become a worldwide phenomenon. Part social history, part coming-of-age story and a slight dash of memoir, Breaking The Jump visits Paris, Hong Kong action movies, the world of Japenese animation and more – but at heart, it is a tale of the desire to move.

We’ll be hosting Julie  at the Chainstore on Saturday 25 June. Come along at 7:00pm for an evening you won’t forget – listen to an exclusive talk from Julie, take part in a free parkour taster session and get your copy of the book signed by the author herself, as well as meet and hang out with the elite coaches from Parkour Generations, the world’s leading parkour coaching organisation!

Places are free, but please book in advance and wear trainers and clothing you can move in if you’d like to take part in the taster session.