Become a Certified Parkour Coach!

Become a Certified Parkour Coach!

The global ADAPT Parkour Coaching Certifications are booming with more demand than ever before.

This year has already seen courses across Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa, and there are still plenty of opportunities to join the parkour coaching community in 2017, including courses in:

France: July 31 – Aug 3, Level 1

Boston, USA: Aug 25-27, Level 1

The Netherlands: Aug 30 – Sept 1, Level 1

Brasil: Sept 4-6, Level 1

Perth, Australia: Oct 5-7, Level 1

Seoul, South Korea: Oct 6-10, Level 2

Reunion Island: Oct 20-22, Level 1

With further courses to be added this year for South Africa, the USA, the UK and more. For details on all these courses visit or see the ADAPT Facebook Page.

The ADAPT Certifications are also accredited worldwide by NASM, ACE, AFAA and more, and set the international benchmark for parkour coaching with a network of over 2500 coaches across 25+ countries. It’s a true achievement to receive an ADAPT Certification and shows a level of commitment to excellence in coaching and parkour as well as a desire to help others reach their potential through this amazing transformative practice.Ā 

Have you ADAPTed yet?

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