Beaster Kids Parkour Day! 16th April, London.

Beaster Kids Parkour Day! 16th April, London.

Take On The Beaster This April!

Every story has two sides, and that of the Easter Bunny is no exception.
Introducingā€¦Ā  The Beaster!

Every year the Beaster looks to ruin the best, chocolatiest Sunday of all, Easter Sunday. The Beaster is set to steal chocolate and goodiesĀ of all kinds fromĀ the world and keep them for itself!

This year Parkour Generations are recruiting from all our young practitioners to take on this monster on Easter Sunday at LEAP Parkour Park. Come strong and come ready as you take on the Beaster to get back as many chocolate eggs as youĀ can. Be prepared for the Beaster to test you physically and mentally. For every chocolate you wish to gain, you will have to overcome cryptic puzzles, enduring physical feats and challenges that require true blood, sweat and tears!

This one day event is a structured day of challenges, tests and games for 7-15 year old ā€˜Eggsplorersā€™ to experience parkour, fun and community with our NGB qualified coaches leading the activities.

Date: Sunday 16th April 2017

Time: 12.00-16.00

Venue: LEAP Parkour Park, Academy Sport Centre, 255 Harrow Road, London

Price: Ā£40