The dangers of trampoline parks

The dangers of trampoline parks

We’ve see a rash of trampoline parks appearing in the UK with the same woeful accident and injury record as the ones that plagued the USA before being closed down. No doubt they’ll have the same short lifespan in the UK as well, but please be aware of how dangerous these unregulated places are until then.

A BBC News article from last February revealedĀ the over 100 injuries racked up by just ONE such centre in just three weeks..!

The centre in question claimed that with the number of jumpers, the injury rate was lower than the industry standard. Large number of jumpers or not, multiple broken bones over a three-week period should set alarm bells ringing!

Some of these places now even claim to offer parkour classes – don’t be fooled, heed this timely reminder from NGB Parkour UK. If you’re tempted to try the “parkour training” at one of these parks, stop a moment and consider whether they are following these guidelines, training safely and responsibility or care about the origins and purpose of parkour.

Then come train parkour for real at one of our many classes either outdoors or at the legendary Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy.

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