Advanced Parkour Course: London February-March

Advanced Parkour Course: London February-March

We believe in constant learning and endless practice, and the mastery that comes from adopting the Beginner’s Mind in your training. Avoid those plateaus, get out of those ruts and break free of your comfort zone by attending the Advanced Parkour Course.ย 

The 6-week Advanced Parkour Course, starting Saturday February 24th, in London is for practitioners who want to take their movement to the next level under expert guidance and amongst a highly competent peer group.

The course is for experienced practitioners only, with at least 12-18 months of regular practice in parkour under their belts.

The sessions will focus on advanced skill acquisition and development through deliberate practice, to then face and overcome movement challenges set by the coaches and pitched at your individual level of ability.

The course takes place across 6 consecutive Saturday evenings, starting at Chainstore Gym and moving outside later in the course.

If you’re looking to hone your movement and advance your parkour with a quantum leap, then this course is for you.

DATE: Feb 24 – Mar 31

TIME: 6-8pm, Saturday evenings

VENUE: Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy, E14 0JY