ADAPT Parkour Coach Certifications: South Africa

ADAPT Parkour Coach Certifications: South Africa

The global parkour coaching certifications return to South Africa this year, with both Level 1 Assistant Coach and Level 2 Fundamentals Coach courses happening in Johannesburg this July.

The courses are hosted by national governing body Parkour South Africa and will be delivered by Parkour Generations founder and senior tutor Dan Edwardes. For full details see the ADAPT Qualifications website or contact ADAPT directly, and click the above links to book your place now. 


ADAPT Level 1 Coach Certification – Assistant Coach

Dates: July 12-14 2017
Location: Jo’Burg, South Africa

ADAPT Level 2 Coach Certification – Fundamentals Coach

Dates: July 17-21 2017
Location: Jo’Burg, South Africa


The Art du Déplacement And Parkour Teaching (ADAPT) Certification is the only internationally recognized teaching certification for parkour/freerunning/art du déplacement that has been endorsed by the original French founders of the discipline (the Yamakasi and early traceurs from Evry/Lisses- the birthplace of parkour).

It provides the industry benchmark for parkour instruction, and has been formulated over several years by many of the founding figures and most experienced instructors of parkour. Today, the ADAPT instructor network has spread across the globe and ADAPT-certified instructors enjoy a number of benefits, including an international network of like-minded peers, improved access to insurance coverage, and support from larger parkour organizations when working with local government officials and administrators.

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