ADAPT Level 1 – Amsterdam

ADAPT Level 1 – Amsterdam

The last ADAPT course of 2015 is also the first to be hosted in the Netherlands.

Taking place on the 21st to 23rd December in Amsterdam, this will be a Level 1 certification course taught by our own Chris “Blane” Rowat.

ADAPT (Art du Deplacement And Teaching Programme) was created by the founders and pioneers of parkour/freerunning (including the original Yamakasi and the traceurs from Lisses, Paris – the birthplace of parkour) and is the recognised international standard for professional parkour coaching.

The aim of the Level 1 (Assistant Coach) qualification is to enable people to assist a coach running a parkour session. While it’s not strictly necessary to be experienced, it’s recommended that candidates have trained in parkour for at least one year before considering taking part.

There are only 16 spots available on this course, so take a look at the event page for details and booking information.