Acrobatics Class at Chainstore Gym London

Acrobatics Class at Chainstore Gym London

Starting November we will be opening up a new Acrobatics Class at our London Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy!

Acrobatics training leads to outstanding control of the body in flight and rotation and physical movement in general, helping build an all-round athlete and mover who is confident, agile, flexible and strong.ย 

The class will cover basic techniques such as rolls, cartwheels,ย handsprings, somersaults, macacos, handstands, etc., as well as the conditioning, mobility and flexibility training necessary to support these techniques. Once a good grasp of the basics is achieved you will move on to more advanced movements and techniques and the application of acrobatics in broader movement scenarios such as those found in parkour.

The class is open to all levels of ability and experience,ย and beginners are very welcome!

The Acrobatics Class will run on Friday evenings from 7-8pm at the gym, just before our regular Parkour Class. Booking in advance will be necessary due to demand, so don’t hang around. The Class is included in our monthly Training and Training Plus Memberships!