Andy Pearson


Andy Pearson

Andy is a result of years of consistent dedication to hard training and is always ready to push himself and his colleagues to the limit. Known for his prestigious strength and conditioning sessions, as one of the senior coaches he is usually found running the regular daily classes and the wakeup training sessions over the weekend.

He has worked on all parts of the company from building the Chainstore HQ, school projects, student academies, international seminars and workshops to teach and promote the true spirit of the Parkour ethos of discipline, freedom and being strong to be useful, and has been a central figure in organising the larger Parkour Generations events from Rendezvous, Morzine, Winterval, SpringThing and many others.

With a lifetime background in I.T., computers and design, Andy is also the Parkour Generations online administrator, principal designer and technology lead. With his experience in these fields he is the driving force for our websites, designs, T-shirts, social media, marketing and branding.