Parkour Fitness Level 1 – Perth, Australia – October 2017

Parkour Fitness Specialist

Level 1 Certification

12/13 October 2017, Perth

City: Perth Course Dates: 12/13 October, 2017Parkour Fitness Specialist Level 1



Dates: 12/13 October 2017

Time: 9-5pm daily

Venue: Movement Co, Perth, Australia

Price: AUS$875.00

The Course

Parkour Generations delivers the Parkour Fitness Specialist Certification for personal trainers, gym instructors and fitness enthusiasts around the world. This course exposes participants to new practical movement skills, methods and concepts and will have a hugely beneficial impact upon the participants’ own movement performance and fitness as well as teaching them how to instruct these concepts to their own clients. 

The course confers

  • Allows learners entry to REPs at Level 2 – Physical Activity Advisor
  • REPs CPD points: 20
  • NASM 1.6 CEU
  • ACE 1.4 CEC

Course Overview

The aim of this two-day Level 1 certification course is to expose trainers to the core concepts of natural movement training and how those concepts can be applied in a fitness environment and expanded upon to create truly practical training and better integrated physical/mental capability.  The course conveys the holistic training approach used by parkour practitioners, and presents a new yet very old way of understanding how the human body is best developed, refined and improved for adaptive movement across any terrain.

The method of the course is a mixture of practical sessions and discussion, both tutor-led and group-based. Learners will be expected to take part in all sessions, as physical experience of the exercises is essential to gain a full understanding of the concepts.

The course will be physical and learners should expect to be pushed physically and mentally throughout. Parkour experience is useful, but not required.

Completion of the Parkour Fitness Specialist course certifies the candidate to deliver the Parkour Fitness concepts within a physical fitness training paradigm.


Course Contents Include:

  • Introduction to parkour: origins and development of a practical movement discipline – real-world functionality
  • Parkour as physical training: movement-based training, true functional fitness and strength, versatility training, task-oriented practice
  • Utilizing your environment: adapting to terrain, tactile sensitivity, familiarity with obstacles, overcoming spatial fears.
  • Bodyweight support mechanisms, quadrupedal movement and locomotion
  • Mobile balance drills, accuracy and precision
  • Impact absorption – jumping and landing basics, plyometrics
  • Redefining agility – multi-directional, multi-planar movement at speed
  • Application to terrain – ascending and descending movements, combinations and route-based progressions
  • Understanding the function of the body versus a function of the body

Learners will cover

  • how to maintain health, safety and welfare in a variety of fitness environments, including the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults
  • how to programme safe and effective exercise for a range of clients, the health benefits of physical activity and the importance of healthy eating
  • how to communicate with clients effectively, and motivate clients to adhere to an exercise programme
  • understand the difference between Parkour for fitness and Parkour as a sport
  • understand the functional elements of Parkour Fitness
  • understand anatomy and biomechanics in relation to Parkour Fitness
  • understand how to plan safe and effective Parkour Fitness sessions
  • be able to instruct and evaluate Parkour Fitness sessions
  • be able to support participants taking part in Parkour Fitness sessions



PARKOUR FITNESS is a training and certification programme based around the functional strength, fitness and mobility elements of the groundbreaking and dynamic discipline of parkour / freerunning.

Accredited by NASM and ACE in the USA and by YMCA Awards in Europe, Parkour Fitness is the product of years of research and exploration into functional movement systems by the pioneers and world-leading movement education experts of Parkour Generations.

 Parkour training has been seen to develop incredible levels of strength, speed, power and endurance in its practitioners, and now the fundamental principles of that training can be found in the Parkour Fitness Specialist programme.

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