Family Class

Class Location:

St Augustine’s Sports Centre
Oxford Road

Class Description:

The Family Parkour class is unique in that it is aimed at involving both parents and children within one class environment. The class accepts children of between 1-6 years old along with at least one parent or guardian, and is run by qualified coaches in a managed environment.

Through exercises and activities geared towards encouraging movement and exploration in the children while also including and challenging the parents/guardians, the class format creates an environment in which the family can practise together and share a physical activity which is beneficial to all parties.

The class runs for 2 hours in a managed environment that utilises gymnastic and fitness equipment, mats etc, as well as the existing architecture and terrain of the location. An important aspect of the class is encouraging children to feel confident when moving through their environment and helping them develop an open mind that approaches the world around them in a creative and engaging manner.

Please note: This class is run in conjunction with Westminster Sports Unit, and is free to attend for Westminster Residents. For non-residents, this class costs ยฃ5.00 per participant, or ยฃ10 for one adult and one child. You can book online for multiple participants by using the Families feature of our booking software – click here for a guide on using Families.

Consent Form:

This class requires a written consent form be completed by the child’s parents/guardians and provided to the coach at the first class attended. Failure to provide this form may result in the child being refused participation in this class. You can download the Consent Form by clicking here, and you must print, complete and hand it in at the child’s first class. There is no need to provide another form at any other Youth class attended after handing in the form once.

This family class is currently running.