Chainstore Massacre – One Week To Go

Chainstore Massacre – One Week To Go

Tick tock – time is running out. There’s less than a week to go until the Chainstore Massacre.

In just six days, those brave enough to sign up willย have toย survive a full day of physical challenges, strength and conditioning drills, movement tasks and general fitness tests thrown at them.

Brawn isn’t all they will need. They will have to think on their feet to get through braintwisting puzzles, to have the courage to faceย terrifyingย weapons and the creativity to escape from who knows what else.

Do you have the courage to join them? For signing up and braving what we have in store, you walk (or crawl) away with a free tshirt as a trophy. If you can manage everything we throw at you, you earn a hoody (good luck with that).

Be bold. Take a chance. Find out just how much you can survive.

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