Parkour at the Roundhouse: Channel 4 Performance

Parkour at the Roundhouse: Channel 4 Performance

In November 2016 the UK’s Channel 4 hired the Performance Team to put on a creative and innovative live display to open their annual event, this year held at London’s famous Roundhouse.

Take a look behind the scenes as the Team choreographs and prepares the bespoke opening performance at this iconic London venue.

Choreography: Francois ‘Forrest’ Mahop
Athletes: Kevin Francomme, Alex Pownall, Thanda Mutero, Matt McCreary, Harry Murden, Georgia Munroe

The Parkour Generations Performance Team has performed all over the world and has been central to some of the highest profile media projects to date, including Hollywood movies such as Amazing Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, District 13, Babylon A.D., World War Z and many more, along with starring in seminal documentaries and major advertising campaigns for international brands across multiple industries.

With over ten years’ professional experience, Parkour Generations regularly caters for:

Film productions, acting, stunt work, choreography

Television commercials, advertising campaigns, photography

Product launches, live events and public demonstrations

Established in 2005, Parkour Generations is a multi-award winning organisation that teaches, performs and embodies the stunning movement discipline known as parkour or freerunning. The largest professional parkour organisation in the world, our mission is to preserve and transmit the incredibly strong benefits and positive effects of this amazing discipline for body and mind to any and all who want to learn. Comprised of founders, pioneers and principal developers of the discipline from across all generations, Parkour Generations is the authentic, original parkour organisation.

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