UK Holds Largest ADAPT Level 2 Assessments Yet

UK Holds Largest ADAPT Level 2 Assessments Yet

This past weekend of September 24/25 saw the largest ever single ADAPT Level 2 Assessment held in London, UK – with 24 people attending the rigorous 2-day assessments of coaching and parkour competence.ย 

The Assessments were hosted by Delivery Centre Parkour UK, the National Governing Body for Parkour in the UK, which administers the Parkour UK ADAPT Certificate in Coaching Parkour / Freerunning. The Assessors for this weekend were our own senior coaches Chris Rowat, Andy Pearson and Chris Keighley, who worked exceptionally hard to get all 24 candidates through the tests in the two days.

The candidates all did very well, with a good amount passing to become fully qualified Level 2 Fundamentals Coaches.

ADAPT Level 2 is a difficult certification to achieve, being a minimum 3 month process requiring demonstration of a good level of parkour competence and knowledge combined with a solid appreciation and application of coaching theory, models and science. It’s been called the toughest sports coach qualification in Europe, and for good reason!

ADAPT is taking the coaching world by storm, setting new standards for the discipline of coaching not only in parkour but for movement, sport and fitness in general.ย The ADAPT Qualifications have been delivered in over 20 countries worldwide, and are recognised by various governments, sports authorities and accrediting bodies internationally as the global benchmark for the coaching of parkour / freerunning.

We’d like to congratulate all the candidates and especially those who stormed the battlements to pass with flying colours. Well done!


For information on upcoming courses and to find a database of certified coaches around the world, visit the ADAPT Qualifications Website.