Strength for Movement Workshop: April 15th

Strength for Movement Workshop: April 15th

Movement Workshops

A series of six intensive seminars on different aspects of movement and parkour training run by world-leading expert instructors. Saturday afternoons at Londonโ€™s Chainstore Gym, 3-6pm. Spaces are very limited so booking ahead is a must.

The human body is a remarkable machine and evolved over millennia to traverse complex environments and negotiate any natural terrain that we might encounter on Earth, with relative ease. However, with the majority of the human species now living in urban, man-made cities of steel, concrete and less forgiving materials than our ancestors encountered, if we are to continue being physical masters of our surroundings then we need to ensure our bodies are built to withstand the increased resistance and significant forces associated with interacting with these less forgiving materials.

Strength Development for Movement is a three hour course with world-renowned Coach Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat designed to cover effective strategies and strength training methods for preparing your body for movement in the modern world.

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