Power 101 Intensive Course

Power 101 Intensive Course

On May 23rd, we will be holding a one day intensive version of the very popular Power 101 course.


The Power 101 intensive is a newly designed course which is a full day of learning and training aimed to improve your knowledge and skills for strength and conditioning for Parkour.

Parkour is an incredibly demanding discipline, with such high demands on the body, practitioners must be proactive in ensuring that their strength and power are at the correct level for their ability in Parkour. Many people begin Parkour and find their jump distance, absorption ability and upper body strength lacking, others find that they develop knee pain, shoulder problems or ankle issues after practicing for a short period. Power 101 aims to provide ways in which these problems can be resolved and avoided.

The intensive course is for coaches and practitioners who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of ways to rapidly improve your power, strength, and biomechanics in your whole body through the use of bodyweight and weighted methods. During the day you will be going through:

– The methodology of strength and conditioning for Parkour
– Physical assessments which can be used to gauge a practitionerโ€™s weaknesses.
– Landing absorption Strength
– Jumping Power
– Anti-Injury โ€˜Prehabilitationโ€™ with a focus upon knees and shoulders
– Periodised training programs for Parkour

The course is taught by ADAPT Level 2 Coach Kristian McPhee, with 9 years parkour experience and a two-time national champion in Olympic Weightlifting. Printed materials will be handed out during the day and attendees are encouraged to bring writing materials.

The course is limited to ten people, so book your place quickly!