Parkour For Schools Is Go!

Parkour For Schools Is Go!

We are incredibly excited to release our new and improved Parkour For Schools Programme for 2017!

We introduced parkour into UK schools in 2005 and have since delivered the sport as both an after-school activity and within the PE curriculum sessions, either through Direct Coaching with our NGB qualified parkour coaches or, more commonly, through training and supporting school PE staff to deliver the activity themselves.

Running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, rollingโ€ฆ Parkour is a movement activity that promotes health and fitness while also teaching young people to master their bodies and minds. It develops self-efficacy, confidence, problem-solving skills and introduces a holistic, variable movement activity into their daily lives.

With over ten yearsโ€™ experience of delivering parkour in both primary and secondary schools across the UK, we know precisely what your school needs to introduce this exciting new activity to your young people in a safe, managed and effective way.ย 


We know that you want to bring only the best activities that generate real results for your students. We also know that to keep young people engaged they must be challenged, interested and enjoying themselves the entire time and in every session.

This means your delivery staff need the very best training themselves as well as ongoing professional development, excellent resources and great support whenever necessary. The Parkour for Schools Programme is designed specifically for PE staff to have access to exactly that: training, resources and support.

By joining the Programme your school will have:ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย 

  • Access to INSET training days for PE staff โ€“ 1 introductory day and then 1 per term
  • Resource Pack for PE Staff, including movement flashcards, sample drills and lesson plans
  • Access to specialist CPD bolt-on workshops for PE Staff and advanced resource packs
  • Option to buy Parkour For Schools Portable Equipment
  • Direct Coaching option available for schools within reach of our qualified coaches
  • ADAPT Youth Awards available as end of year goals for students
  • Member support services from our award-winning Parkour For Schools Team.


Our team of coaches and coach educators have delivered the official NGB Parkour for Teachers Awards since their inception several years ago, helping hundreds of PE staff members get to grips with the foundations of introducing movement training into their curriculum classes. We’ve also provided after-school clubs and workshop events for hundreds of schools across the UK. ย This experience has all been poured into the Parkour For Schools Programme and is now available to any school, primary or secondary, across the UK!

So there’s no excuse not to bring this powerful, engaging, safe and fun activity into YOUR school right now. For more information see the Parkour For Schools website and get in touch direct via at any time!


Check out our Parkour For Schools Programme in effect in the USA!

Founder Dan Edwardes talks to Teachers TV