Parkour Fitness Comes to Hong Kong: March 25-26

Parkour Fitness Comes to Hong Kong: March 25-26

This month Parkour Fitness comes to Hong Kong for the first time, with a Level 1 Trainer Certification being hosted at the awesome Optimum Performance Studio facility! This course runs from March 25-26 and is open to any fitness professional or enthusiast with an interest in natural, practical movement training. No prior parkour experience is required.

The course will be delivered by Parkour Fitness founder Dan Edwardesย and is accredited by NASM and ACE.

Parkour Fitness Specialistย Certification is a training and certification programme based around the functional strength, fitness and mobility elements of the groundbreaking and dynamic discipline of parkour / free running.

Parkour training has been seen to develop incredible levels of strength, speed, power and endurance in its practitioners, and now the fundamental principles of that training can be found in the Parkour Fitness Specialist programme.

Parkour Fitness has a task-oriented approach to fitness training, requiring constant adaptation and application by the individual, and is centred around a holistic approach to multi-planar mobility, body sensitivity, functional strength, agility and spatial awareness. To be truly functional means to be able to apply oneโ€™s physical abilities in a real- world environment, not solely in the sanitized confines of a gym or soft space, and the constant adaptation required to achieve this brings about a natural and true functional fitness.

The two-day Parkour Fitness Level 1 Course provides an insight into these fundamental concepts and constant exposure to the practice that surrounds them, and presents a new yet very old way of understanding how the human body is best developed, refined and improved for movement in any environment.ย The course condenses the agility, mobility and movement concepts of parkour into a training paradigm that fitness professionals can then apply within their own training programmes.ย Completion of the Parkour Fitness Specialist Level 1 course enables the candidate to begin delivering the Parkour Fitness concepts within a physical training environment.

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