Parkinson’s Regeneration Training: 10th March 2017 London

Parkinson’s Regeneration Training: 10th March 2017 London

At PKGen we love nothing more than bringing the very best education to you around movement, health and fitness of both body and mind. That’s why we’re bringing Karl Sterling and his Parkinson’s Regeneration Training workshop all the way from the USA to you at the Chainstore Gym and Parkour Academy on March 10 2017.

Attend this one-day workshop and change lives by learningย cutting edge training techniques to help clients who have Parkinson’s disease!ย 

DATE: MARCH 10 2017


EARLY-BIRD OFFER: US$75 if booked before February 11.ย 



While Parkinsonโ€™s Disease (PD) can be debilitating, there is plenty of compelling data to show that exercise is one of the best ways of managing PD symptoms. Studies show that regular exercise can improve gait, grip, balance, stability, strength, and motor control in the PD client. In addition, this improvement in movement and mobility helps to reduce falls, injuries, and various other complications of the disease in the PD client.

Nearly all of this program comes direct from the progressive neurology world who realize the value of exercise and fitness professionals. In this workshop, you will learn and gain a solid understanding of:

– How PD affect strength, movement, mobility, stability, flexibility, cognitive function, posture, and overall functionality.

– What people with PD can be doing to manage disease symptoms and reduce or eliminate falls and injury.

– How caregivers, home health aides, and others can help the people with PD.

– What assessments and programming we can use to help people with PD.

– How the brain can be retrained to improve and help restore neuromuscular communication, and cognitive function during movement (while simultaneously activating proprioceptive awareness along with the vestibular and visual systems).

This is a rare opportunity to learn this incredible knowledge and make a difference to those who need it the most.

Get more information at: www.parkinsonsregenerationtraining.comย