No Easy Jumps – by Dan Edwardes

“It is quite common for us as practitioners of parkour, I think, having broken a new jump or mastered a new movement or overcome a new challenge in training, to then look back and remark: well, that was easy. And it is good, in a sense, to be buoyed by such achievements and successes in our training.

However, there is a you before the jump and there is a you after the jump. And they are very different; though the jump itself remains unchanged.

You, before the jump, were perhaps nervous; were perhaps afraid; were perhaps not ready, not warmed-up, not in a good frame of mind. You perhaps lacked confidence for any one of a thousand reasons. You perhaps were carrying a slight injury, were recovering from a cold or didn’t have your favourite shoes with you. Perhaps you just didn’t feel like jumping today.”

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