Night Mission – Fear

Night Mission – Fear

What do you fear? Pain? Injury? Inadequacy?

At some time in your life, you’re going to experience one of these. Does it not make sense, then, in your life of perpetual terror, to find out how fear works and how to defend against it? The Night Mission theme for the 4th of March 2016 isโ€ฆFear.

Throughout the night you will be systematically exposed to everything that we, as humans and as parkour practitioners, have come to despise.

The usual Night Mission rules apply. This is as much an exploration of the soul as of the mind. Sometimes you will work as a team, sometimes you must face your demons alone. Everyone from beginner to expert will be pushed to their own limits by the end of the night, and each of you will see things a little differently when the sun rises. Whatever happens, you will all learn one thing:

Fear is a choice.

The night starts at 10:00pm next Friday at the Chainstore Academy. Bring layers, water, snacks, and be prepared for any weather.ย 

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