This Thursday Dan and Julie will be making presentations as part of an academic symposium day on parkour hosted at Brighton University. The research day is entitled 'The Politics of Parkour: Transnationalism, Youth and Social Policy', and is the start of a project funded by the British Academy to develop an international collaborative research project exploring public policy responses to parkour as an emergent urban-based lifestyle sport. Policymakers and educationalists are recognising parkour's potential to engage young people, providing managed risk-taking that furthers self-discipline, creativity and healthy lifestyles. Research partners have been identified in the UK, France and Canada to share information and research on the development of parkour in these countries and to develop further research into aspects of the culture, governance and perceived social benefits of this rapidly growing activity. The project will initially be a collaboration between Dr Belinda Wheaton (University of Brighton), Dr Mike Atkinson (University of Toronto) and Dr Florian Lebreton (Universit