A few weeks back some of our Performance Team worked with Yamakasi founder Seb Foucan on ITV's brand new charity fundraiser show, TEXT SANTA, creating a fun little piece to promote the highly worthwhile campaign. 

That video can now be seen online HERE, featuring Seb alongside Adham, Dom and Alex from the team. 

And please do get involved and make a donation! Your donation will help the #TextSanta charities at a time when they are particularly in need of support. The charities involved can really make a difference to people's lives over the Christmas period and beyond.

It's easy to donate by text: just choose to donate £1, £5 or £10 and text SANTA1, SANTA5 or SANTA10 to 70070. 100% of your donation will go to the #TextSanta charities. Last date for text donations is 5pm on the 6th January 2012, so bust out the phones and lend a hand to a great cause.

Oh, and nice costumes guys.. ;)

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