This past Saturday 5 of the Parkour Generations Team - Stephane, Blane, Andy, Dan and Chris - plus Affiliate Coach Joe 'Bring it to the' Boyle, Bruno 'Rachacuca' Peixoto of Brasil and Jun Sato of Japan entered the ring to square up against 1000 muscle-ups in one day. The fairly monumental challenge was undertaken in an effort to raise money to go towards recovering traceur Naoki Ishiyama's medical bills accumulated last year. The day was long and hard, with everyone giving their absolute all (including both Kiell and Peter doing over 300 muscle-ups just to help out!) - and several others from the team also came along to perform 1000 reps of other drills in support, not to mention hundreds of practitioners worldwide doing 100 muscle-ups or more on the day with the same intention. Huge thanks to all those who assisted throughout the day in any capacity, to BJ Rule for letting us use the magnificent OLF training centre, and to the community for its amazing encouragement and generous donations. Photos, videos and write-ups will follow in due course but for now it's a day or two of rest and then back to training. Well done everyone!