Movement Workshops: Spring Series!

Movement Workshops: Spring Series!

Passionate about mastering every aspect of your movement and perfecting your parkour? This March-June in London we bring to you the chance to do just that -at the Movement Workshops: Spring Series!

This is a series of 6 workshops on Saturday afternoons all held at our Chainstore Gym in London, running from 3-6pm and taught by movement experts Dan Edwardes, Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat and Alex Pownall. These workshops are intensive, highly focused events designed to expose you to detailed knowledge within each specific area of movement training. ย You’ll go away with heaps of new information and new methods by which to enhance your own practice and an insight into your own movement that you didn’t think possible.

The instructors for the Spring Series are all internationally acclaimed movement and parkour teachers and have taught thousands of movers, athletes, traceurs and fitness professionals around the world for a cumulative 25 years. And you get to access that knowledge in a small group setting in the best movement facility in London.

Academy Members get discounted entry to each workshop and we are offering a Series Ticket which can save a Member almost ยฃ100 over the 6 sessions!

The six Workshops are:

Art of Rolling: Movement, Falling & Ukemi – 18th March

Strength Development for Movement – 15th April

Using the Force: Plyometrics & Impact Absorption – 29th April

Peripheral Vision & Muscle Memory – 13th May

Groundwork: Quadrupedal & Low Gait Mastery – 27th May

Cheating Death: Injury Fixes for Dummies – 17th June

And you can book a Series Ticket for all 6 workshops here!

Limited places are available for each workshop so book well in advance to avoid disappointment.


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