Easter Holiday Youth Camp!

Youth Camps

Easter Holiday Youth Camp!

Easter Holidays are here! Kids love physical activities, to freely run, jump, leap and bound! Our Parkour Youth Camps run during the Easter, Summer and Half Term school holidays and are the perfect way to keep kids engaged, active and participate in a controlled environment for Parkour at our Chainstore Facility where they can express their energy and movements.

Youth Camp

Youth Camps are for children aged 7 – 15. You can sign up online for an entire week at a discounted £100 per child (using the child’s name or your own), for individual days online, or you can drop in on any day for £25 per day per child.

If you or your child have one of our eligible Memberships (Premium, Training or Youth Memberships) then you get 10% off and can book the entire week for just £90!

Want to sign up more than one child at a time? Use the ‘Families’ feature of our booking software – instructions on how to do so can be found by clicking here.

Second Week: Special Easter Outdoor Youth Camp from the 10/04/2017- 15/04/2017

For the second week of our Easter Youth camp, come rain or shine, we shall be taking it to the streets, Parkours natural environment. The location shall be Canada Water, there’ll be fun, games and a chance to express Parkour to the public, don’t miss out on this great opportunity.