Parkour Generations Internship

The Developing Athletes Programme is an internship programme intended to identify and assist those talented younger practitioners who may wish to take the discipline further into a professional capacity by gaining real-world work experience with Parkour Generations.


An internship with us provides these young athletes with a support system, bespoke coaching advice, training assistance, and many opportunities to gain experience in the professional field as well as live work experience on day-to-day tasks with a multi-national company. The internship includes a mentoring element for the athletes to enable those who have gone before to pass on their experience, knowledge and wisdom to those who may become the future of the discipline.

The programme is focussed on maintaining a balance between maintaining a rounded and full life and training as a performance athlete and/or parkour instructor.

Who is it for?

DAP is open to any young practitioner of parkour, no matter where he/she lives, and is aimed at those between the ages of 12-25. However, this is by no means an age restriction and if a suitable candidate is outside of this bandwidth he or she may still be admitted to the programme.

How does one join the Developing Athletes Programme?

DAP is principally an invitational programme, meaning that suitable candidates will be identified by Parkour Generations and then assessed for the programme. However, it is envisaged that young athletes may wish to put themselves forward for the programme and seek assessment for suitability. To do so, contact us directly and we will talk you through the application procedure.

The assessment process includes observation of a candidates physical and technical abilities and potential, their character and approach to training and assisting others in learning, and an interview with the internship programme manager at Parkour Generations.

Contact us about the Developing Athlete Programme