Parkour Training Facilities

In collaboration with our global partners, Freemove, we offer a complete range of parkour training facilities from permanent parkour installations to a range of portable equipment designed for indoor use.

Each permanent facility is designed bespoke by our expert design team working in consultation with the end users to ensure that the needs of each particular client are met, and exceeded. London’s LEAP park, the largest managed parkour training facility in the world, acts as a standout example of our work in the heart of the UK’s capital.

Whatever you need, wherever you are, we’ll find a way to create the ideal training space for you and your end users.

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World Leaders

Together, Freemove and Parkour Generations are the leading provider of pre-fabricated and bespoke Parkour Training Facilities around the world.

We use our vast experience in safety and leisure to provide the industry’s leading consultation, design, manufacture, installation and education services.

We develop facilities that cater to all levels of ability, providing everything from simple balance and co-ordination challenges though to high end complex movement opportunities whilst maintaining the emphasis on safety.

All our parkour elements and bespoke Parkour Training Facilities are designed to comply with the proposed British Standard for Parkour and every product is independently risk assessed.

Our aim is to cultivate a wider understanding of parkour and champion the development of Parkour Training Facilities. We also aim to connect practitioners and authorities and support them in working together to develop safe Parkour Training Facilities and help practitioners establish respectful, safe and active communities, encouraging them to learn through movement.

Freemove and Parkour Generations are ready to support you in delivering the best Parkour Training Facilities anywhere in the world.

We also offer a full range of coaching services to go along with any new facility build, in order to help users get the best out of their new training space.


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