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The Chainstore Gym

Movement. Strength. Functional fitness. Parkour… the Chainstore Gym is the UK’s premier training facility and home to Parkour Generations

Parkour Facility

The Chainstore Gym houses the UK’s only true indoor parkour training zone, designed to mimic the conditions of the outside world in terms of materials, feel and atmosphere. A true one-of-a-kind facility that is unmatched anywhere in the world. We believe that movement is the ultimate training method for the human body – after all, that’s what it evolved for. In this place you will become part of the most dedicated, diligent and open-minded community in the country and have access to the best movement teachers there are.

We want you to see our home as a refuge, a haven and a forge in which you can build the very best version of yourself. Whether you are looking to master practical movement, get as strong as possible, develop mobility and flexibility, or just discover your unknown potential this is the place for it.

Constructed by our in-house master builders the parkour area is constantly being changed and morphed to present new training tools, environments, and challenges.

Metal, concrete, and wood are the surfaces commonly dealt with in parkour and that is what makes up the structures inside the Chainstore Gym, ensuring you get the full experience of parkour as you practice and learn.

The parkour area is 14 meters wide by 14m long.
A full floor plan of the Chainstore Gym facility is available below.

Floor Plan

Functional Fitness Gym

The Chainstore Gym also holds London’s best-equipped functional strength and fitness gym-space, complete with squat racks, kettlebells, tyres, prowlers, ropes, sledge-hammers and all the weight you could ever hope to move.

This isn’t a spa: it’s a place to develop true functional strength and fitness amidst the hardest-training community in the UK.

The Details

The when, where, who and what.


Opening Hours

Weekdays : 10am to 10pm
Saturday : 10am to 8pm
Sunday : 10am to 6pm

Drop-in Hours

Monday – Friday: 10am to 7.30pm
Saturday: 1pm to 8pm
Sunday: 2pm to 6pm

Drop-in Training

Please be aware that the gym is not available for Drop In Training outside of the times detailed above.

You are welcome to come join us at the Chainstore Gym for your own personal training during any Drop In Training time. However please be aware that, even during these times, certain parts of the facility or pieces of equipment may be in use by bookings or classes, and you may have to wait for them to become available. All efforts will be made to share and accommodate all our customers, but bookings will have priority on equipment usage.


Age Limits

Under 7’s, 7-16 and 16+

Please be aware that we do not allow children under the age of 7 to use the facility outside of classes or private bookings.

Younger practitioners aged 7 – 16 can use the facility, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of their visit, who can also sign a waiver on their behalf on their first visit.


Drop-ins, Classes and Memberships



per person per day



Over 26+ Classes, 7 days per week


From £50

Launch, Training, Plus


Address, Maps and Directions.

East London.

Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Located at London’s famous Trinity Buoy Wharf, home of the city’s only lighthouse, our iconic listed building is directly opposite the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

The Chainstore Gym Parkour Academy,
Trinity Buoy Wharf,
64 Orchard Place,
E14 0JY


London Underground

Canning Town : Zone 2/3 (Jubilee / DLR).

After the ticket barrier head left up the circular stairs towards ‘City Island’. Once at the top, cross the red bridge and follow the pathway around the new developments. Carry on through the city island estate to the main road on the other side and follow the road straight ahead into trinity buoy wharf. Look out for the taxi-cab sculpture to guide the way.



East India DLR : Zone 2

From East India DLR Station we are a 7 minute walk away. Please do not walk over the footbridge at the station, instead use the stairs to the south exit on the side of the NISA shops. Outside of the station follow the blue signs marked either Trinity Buoy Wharf or The Chainstore Gym.



A1261 or A12.

Follow signs to Leamouth on the A13 or from Aspen Way. At the Leamouth roundabout (Esso Petrol Station), take the Lower Lea Crossing exit. Almost immediately, go left after the bridge. At the T-junction turn right onto Orchard Place and follow the road round to Trinity Buoy Wharf. Please note that limited parking is available on site at this time.

Upcoming Classes

All classes open to Beginners

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