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London Girl Jam XXII

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

Sunday 12th October saw the most recent of the London Girl Jams taking place in one of the prettier corners of the city. And for a more beautiful day, we could not have asked! Autumn is now in full swing here in the UK, with its amazing colours and wonderful crunchy sounds underfoot - but it seems someone forgot to tell that to the weather!!!

Evry which way but Lisses...

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

France. Sarcelles. Birthplace of the Art of Displacement. That's where we began last week's training days with the Yamakasi founders Chau Belle-Dinh and Yann Hnautra and several of the Majestic Force team. And what a place - an incredible forest carved in two by an enormous wall, surrounded by trim-trail training obstacles perfect for movement training. Here the spirit of the discipline was born before it moved to Evry and Lisses in the city, and it's easy to see why.

Coast to Coast

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

I have recently returned from holiday, in April and August of this year I was lucky enough to visit New York and then Los Angeles respectively. While parkour was not the reason for these trips I couldn't go all that way and not at least check out some of the areas. So I made contact with some of the guys in each location with the aim to be able to spend at least one day with them so I could not only see the different places these traceurs train but also so I could see the differences in other pk communities outside of London.

Traceuses and Saiyans...

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

The last Girls' Jam was a complete washout. And great fun.

By that I mean, this being England, it was perfect weather right up until we started and then the heavens opened and the clouds unleashed their watery challenge for the rest of the day. Did this put the assembled women off their training? Not at all. In fact, it seemed only to harden their resolve...