Sunday 14th June saw the 30th Women's Jam taking place on another beautifully warm and sunny day...

Congregating in great spirits at our well known and well loved spot in Kilburn Park, instructors Annty, Andy and Tracey were present to kick-start the session with warm-up and training guidance to those that needed it. We were pleased to see new faces as well as regular practioners from the Parkour Academy! Also joining us for the day was Shi Ong - webmaster of - a now well-seasoned female practitioner fully dedicated to travelling the world and spreading love and word in the female community!

Starting with core fundamental techniques, enthusiastic balance practise ensued with various challenges beginning at base level - staying in balance, working up to turns, crouches, routes, and rail precisions... It's always so cool to see confidence growing and techniques improving with a little persistence and everyone did great stuff - particularly Preetha and Tracey, both new to Parkour but gutsy and determined ;)

Moving onto a new spot and some wall-runs and cat-leaps, everyone beasted their arms and shoulders working on the endless goal of efficient upper body strength and the much coveted smooth climb-up! Again, the persistence of all the ladies present was impressive so we moved on to some nice lil cat leaps with some height to work the mind.... And the real challenges begin!!

Now your senses start to really try and tell you that this is dangerous. You look down and the ground seems so far away. What if you fall, what if you miss the wall you aim for and drop down all that way?! What if... Endless scenarios playing out in the mind trying to steal your concentration. You jump down and view your starting position from a more usual and rational place - and realise its not even very high! You see aren't going to hurt yourself and jump back up to try again. But it seems you are in a different and much higher place again! Damn! You fight back the fear, you focus only on your landing point, everything else quietens and becomes another world to your current place in time and you jump............ You land! All is well, and theres elation and applause as everyone who knows that journey so well feels your joy and joins you in your acheivement. Hell yeah! Lets do that again!!!

Everyone pushed through boundaries and fear, making some great jumps and feeling a little of that sweet airtime before you stick strangely easily to a wall - the things that makes cat-leaps probably my favorite thing in the world to do!!! (No kidding!)

Warming down, breathing deeply with focus, stretching hard-worked muscles, relaxing, giving your body some attention after a good training session... It serves us well and we leave smiling and satisfied - happy in the knowledge of todays acheivements and increased strength from some good dedicated training. Thank you to all that came for a great day!