Do you wake up feeling like you want to shake things up, change the way you train and the world around you? Here’s 5 ideas about how to be a parkour revolutionary.


1. Invent new ways of training

By nature, people who are attracted to practising parkour, are those who constantly need new challenges and different ways of training. There’s no need to have a sports degree (although it doesn’t hurt) or be a personal trainer to try something new in your routine. Changing up your training routine keeps our body regularly adapting and the training interesting. From crossfit to break dancing to hand balancing, pepper your training with various disciplines and open up your physical and mental abilities. My prediction for the next new training routine? I’m envisaging 12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces , ending with 12 000 volt electrical shocks. Just wait, it’ll catch on.


2. Lead them with your vision

All good revolutionaries need vision, in this case parkour vision. Finding a new parkour spot is one of the ways to establish yourself as the parkour stalwart of the group. Placing yourself in new environments tests your established moves and sharpens your skills. Find a good spot and bring some friends along for some training, who knows what you’ll discover.


3. Think of the children

Teach some young ‘uns the ins and out of parkour. The smaller they are the more fun they will get out of scrambling about and jumping over everything. Not that the fun is limited to how young the kids are, young-at-hearts get a kick out of it too. The kids get fresh air and exercise, they’re being introduced to the benefits of parkour and you’re helping the discipline to be perceived positively by the public. Also, in their eyes of the children, by nature of your superior jumping skills, you are a true revolutionary - that is, until they ask you to….


4. Do a flip

At this point you should probably launch into an explanation about how “flips are not parkour”.  Most practitioners are aware of the differences between parkour and free running and in practise many practitioners flip for fun and fitness. Spatial awareness, muscular control and coordination are some of the good things that come from flipping. But flips are just not parkour. Or are they?


5. Be brave

Challenging status quo often isn’t easy. Many people choose to stay in line rather than to stand out and question. Fear of ridicule, wanting to conform, uncertainty of the path ahead – these are some of the reasons that people don’t make change. Whatever it is, life is too short to be living it according to how someone else dictates you should. Take the first step and do it now.