Obstacle Course Training

Obstacle Course Training

Where: Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, E14 0JW
When:ย Tuesdays, 20:00 โ€“ 22:00

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Developing your skills for Ninja Warrior? Training to be a Spartan or a Tough Mudder? Or just want to put your body and mind to the test in the most creative movement training out there? Our Obstacle Course Training Classes are for you.

Each 2 Hourย OCT Class is different from the last, specifically to prevent adaptation to routine. You’ll work balance, coordination, spatial awareness, coordination, physical attributes and movement skills the entire time. Your brain will be given as much of a workout as your body…

Thereโ€™s a reason that parkour practitioners dominate Ninja Warrior and similar obstacle course events โ€“ every day we DO the things that most people only train for.

This class is for All Ability levels, and beginners are very welcome!

  • Obstacle Course Training
    Tue. April 24
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