Experienced Parkour

Experienced Parkour

Where: Various Outdoor Locations – use the class booking system to see the latest location.
When: Wednesday, 19:00 – 21:00

Our signature Outdoor Classes are devised to explore and push your physical limits while introducing you to the concepts and movements of parkour, involving a rigorous conditioning element vital to one’s progress in the discipline. This class will work on:

– Developing safety and proficiency of movement
– Mastering the basics and creating a strong foundation
– Improving vision, touch and creativity through drills, games and challenges
– Creating an organic approach to progression

This class is for Experienced students – this means you should be familiar with parkour training and be looking to push yourself both physically and technically to a higher level. Come along and try the class or speak to one of our coaching team about attending if you’re unsure!

Make sure you’re on time as the classes are always busy and we insist on everyone participating in a thorough warm-up before being allowed to train, in order to prevent injury and/or undue muscle soreness. As this is an outdoor class, please try and bring the correct change if paying for the class in cash in person. Bring water, bring training gear and bring bags of energy.

Please note: this is an Adult class, for ages 16+.