Movement Workshops: Spring Series

Movement Workshops

A series of six intensive seminars on different aspects of movement and parkour training run by world-leading expert instructors. Saturday afternoons at London’s Chainstore Gym, 3-6pm. Spaces are very limited so booking ahead is a must.


The Art of Rolling covers all aspects of rolling as a movement form, as a tool to disperse impact, as a safety method and as mobility training. Develop an ‘intelligent spine’ and get comfortable with this amazing skill.


Strength Development for Movement is a three hour course designed to cover effective strategies and strength training methods for preparing your body for movement in the modern world.


In this seminar Alex covers the many techniques and applications of plyometric training, ranging from the everyday to the obscene and of course to the parkour-specific methodology and how it differs from the norm.


Learn how to utilise and improve your peripheral vision in Parkour and focus on developing your muscle memory for tricky jumps in this unique and challenging three hour Parkour workshop, open to all abilities.


This workshop introduces the foundational concepts and methods of low gait and quadrupedal movement, including drills to build strength, mobility and flexibility. You will be exposed to the concepts of fluidity, unbroken kinetic chains of movement, bodyweight support mechanisms, functional biomechanics and flow work, leading on to advanced locomotion forms and combinations.


The Injury Fixes for Dummies Workshop is a three-hour event designed to introduce the concept, methods and practice of rehabilitation and prehabilitation. We start from the very beginning, so this workshop is ideal for those who have no existing knowledge as well as for those looking to improve, correct and explore their current knowledge base. The workshop is highly practical so be prepared to try a large variety of drills during the session.

How do I sign up?

Registration is through Teamup, our timetable software. You will need to click here to create an account with us. Once signed up and logged in, click the link below to be taken to the registration screen, and click โ€˜Enrollโ€™ on your date of choice to register. Please note that you must pay online in advance โ€“ you can not choose to pay cash on the day.

Please note ticket purchases are non-refundable and that no paper ticket is needed for the event, once youโ€™ve paid then your name is added to the register behind the scenes. You will be on the list when you arrive in the evening, so all you need to do is show up and visit the reception desk.

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