Superhero Workout: Sunday Times Tries Parkour

Superhero Workout: Sunday Times Tries Parkour

Parkour is the ‘Superhero Workout’

Parkour is one the fastest growing activities in the UK after being recognised as a sport. Senior Writer Matt Rudd from the Sunday Times heard about the sudden increase of people participating in parkour and contacted us so that he could #GiveParkourAGo!

Matt attended one of our Beginner classes and was instructed by Coach Kevin Francomme, one of the world’s leading parkour instructors. Click on the following link to read about Mattโ€™s experience which he reviewed for the Sunday Times Magazine.

Parkour is about movement and the flow of a journey; the imagination can create infinite variations on movement and how we perceive an obstacle and decide how to tackle it, from climbing a few steps to vaulting over a bar, and there is something for every type of mover. Parkour is for everyone of all ages, size and ability.

If you are interested in having a go at parkour then check out our website, register for a class and join the revolution!